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by Lisa Shields

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Online version of pages 217–237 of Tunes of the Munster Pipers 2: Irish Traditional Music from the James Goodman Manuscripts, ed. Hugh & Lisa Shields, volume 2, Dublin: Irish Traditional Music Archive, 2013, ISBN 978-0-9532704-5-3 (hbk), 978-0-9532704-6-0 (pbk), available from ITMA’s shop


BB: Breandán Breathnach (1912–85), uilleann piper, music collector, writer and organizer

Car; Carolan: Turlough Carolan (Toirdhealbhach Ó Cearbhalláin, 1670–1738), harper and composer

FMSI: Folk Music Society of Ireland / Cumann Cheol Tíre Éireann

ESEM: European Seminar in Ethnomusicology

HS: Hugh Shields

Hud: Henry P. Hudson (1798–1889), music collector, musical editor of The citizen (to which he contributed tunes from his own manuscript collection)

ITMA: Irish Traditional Music Archive

JEP: John Edward Pigot

JG, SG: James Goodman (Séamus Gudman(n))

JM: Joly music collection of the National Library of Ireland

Joyce: Patrick Weston Joyce (1827–1914), historian, writer, music collector and editor

Levey: R. M. Levey: pseudonym of R.M. O’Shaughnessy (1811–99), violin teacher and music collector

F; Forde: William Forde (c. 1795–1850), musician, writer on music and music collector

LS: Lisa Shields

Moore: Thomas Moore (1779–1852), poet, musician and popularizer of Irish music

NLI: National University of Ireland

NPU: Na Píobairí Uilleann [society of uilleann pipers, Dublin]

O’D; O’Daly: John O’Daly (1800–78), publisher, bookseller and antiquarian

Petrie: George Petrie (c. 1790–1866), artist and music collector

Pigot; JEP: John Edward Pigot (1822–71), writer, musician and lawyer

Pipes: incipits of ‘piping tunes’ written by Goodman in his Riverview notebook, TCD MS 11320 , pages 18–19, 24–31, 39–41)

SG: Séamus Gudman(n) (James Goodman)

TCD: Trinity College Dublin

TMP 1: The tunes of the Munster pipers [vol. 1]

TMP 2: The tunes of the Munster pipers, vol. 2

Tunes: selection of tunes copied by Goodman into his unfinished ‘fair copy’ music book, TCD MS 1132 , pages 1–12

Words: song texts written by Goodman into his ‘Riverview’ notebook, TCD MS 11320 , pages 20–24, 43–134


Bonfield, Caitlín, ‘Manuscript music in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy’, in Aloys Fleischmann, ed., Music in Ireland: a symposium, Cork & Oxford: Cork University Press, 1952: 22–32 (The online pdf version, revised and updated by Siobhán Fitzpatrick in 2008, is no longer available)

Breathnach, Breandán, Thematic index of dance tunes on cards, with numerical codes based on the stressed notes of musical incipits (several versions, unpublished, housed in the Irish Traditional Music Archive, Dublin)

Brown, Stephen, A guide to books in Ireland. Part 1: Prose literature, poetry, music and plays, 2nd edition, Dublin: Hodges Figgis, 1970

Cannon, Roderick D., ed., A bibliography of bagpipe music, Edinburgh: John Donald, 1980

Deasy, Marian, ‘New edition of airs and dance tunes from the music manuscripts of George Petrie LL.D., and a survey of his work as a collector of Irish folk music’, 2 vols, Ph.D. thesis, National University of Ireland, University College Dublin, 1982

Fleischmann, Aloys, Micheál Ó Súilleabháin & Paul McGettrick, eds, Sources of Irish traditional music c. 1600–1855, 2 vols, New York & London: Garland, 1998

Gore, Charles, Morag Anne Elder & Lynn Morrison, eds., Scottish fiddle music index. Tune titles for the 18th & 19th century printed collections, Musselburgh, Scotland: Amaising Publishing House, 1994 (see also Electronic resources below)

Kidson, Frank, British music publishers, printers and engravers, London: W.E. Hill & Sons [1900]

Krummel, D.W., & Stanley Sadie, eds., Music printing and publishing, New York & London: W.W. Norton & Company, 1990

National Library of Ireland, Joly collection (early printed music books and sheet music, mainly Irish) • JM

Ní Chinnéide, Veronica, ‘The sources of Moore’s melodies’, Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 89 (1959), part 2, 109–134

O’Neill, Francis, Irish music: a fascinating hobby, Chicago: The Regan Printing House, 1910

Trinity College Library, Dublin, Early printed books and special collections, Townley Hall collection (contains about 1,000 pieces of music printed in Dublin, London and Paris between 1760 and 1820—many items duplicated in the NLI Joly music collection)

Most major libraries now have online catalogues, and these are not listed here.

Adams, John, & Chris Partington, eds, The village music project (manuscripts of English social musicians from the 17th century onwards: html files and music files in abc format) VMP

Bibliothèque nationale de France, Gallica, bibliothèque numérique BNF Gallica

Copac national, academic, and specialist library catalogue [UK and Ireland], Manchester: University of Manchester, Mimas

Duggan, Bryan, creator, Dublin, Tunepal: a query-by-playing search engine for traditional tunes

Easmes, Early American secular music and its European sources: see Keller

Electric Scotland, USA LLC, 1495 Pond Creek Rd, Stone, KY 41567-7055 (links to Scottish cultural material, including digital images and indexes for John Grieg’s six-volume collection Scots Minstrelsie [c. 1893]) • Grieg Minstrelsie

Europeana Foundation • Europeana

Fiddler’s companion: see Kuntz

Gallica: see Bibliothèque nationale de France

Gore, Charles, ed., The Scottish music index, Inverness: Highland Music Trust [2012–]

IMSLP, Petrucci music library (free public-domain sheet music in pdf format), Wilmington, Delaware: Project Petrucci LLC, 2006– • IMSLP

Internet Archive, San Francisco [2001–] (searchable database which locates and downloads items in various digital formats. Used here for accessing early printed music collections in pdf format, especially those from the National Library of Scotland)

Irish Traditional Music Archive, Dublin ( digitized books, images, manuscripts and videos; more than 6,000 interactive music scores from 40 collections— available in Port: a microsite giving enhanced tools to explore this musical resource), PW Joyce Irish Music Microsite, James Goodman manuscript music collection (in association with Trinity College, Dublin: see Manuscripts below for details) • ITMA

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland: Lester S. Levy collection of sheet music (part of special collections at the Milton S. Eisenhower Library) • JHU

Keller, Robert M., Raoul F. Camus, Kate Van Winkle Keller & Susan Cifaldi, eds, Early American secular music and its European sources, 1589–1839: an index (EAMES), Annapolis, Maryland: The Colonial Music Institute, 2002, revised 2004

Lester S. Levy collection of sheet music: see Johns Hopkins University

Kuntz, Andrew, ed., The fiddler’s companion, 2003–2012 (searchable bibliographic database of mainly Irish and Scottish dance music, with musical examples in abc format): (currently undergoing revision as The traditional tune archive

Music Australia: see National Library of Australia

Music for the nation: see Washington: Library of Congress

Na Píobairí Uilleann, Dublin (digital images, videos, journal An Píobaire ) • NPU

National Library of Australia, Canberra: Trove, incorporating the former Music Australia website

National Library of Ireland, Dublin:

Patrick Weston Joyce manuscripts: (see also Electronic Sources above.)

Joly MS 25 (collected chiefly in Co Limerick in 1856) • Early Joyce MS

Joyce’s final manuscripts, 1899–1912:

MS 2982 (tune [1], p. 1–tune 335, p. 127) • Final Joyce MSS 1
         continued as
MS 2983 (tune 336, p. 128–tune 878, p. 293) • Final Joyce MSS 2
     (Tunes no 336—355, 334–5 & perhaps more are copied from the Goodman collection)

National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh (digitized music collections in pdf format, accessed by searching the Internet Archive) • NLS

Ng, Alan, ed., Irish traditional music tune index.. Alan Ng’s tunography

NLS:see National Library of Scotland

NPU: see Na Píobairí Uilleann

Petrucci music library: see IMSLP

Scottish music index: see Gore

Somerville-Woodward, Robert, ‘The Ossianic Society 1853–1863’Somerville-Woodward

Trove: see National Library of Australia

Village music project (VMP): see Adams & Partington

Washington: Library of Congress, Music Division: Music for the nation: American sheet music 1820–1860, 1870–1885

WorldCat, Dublin, Ohio: The Online Computer Library Centre, Inc., (OCLC), 2001–2012 (‘access to the collections and services of more than 10,000 libraries worldwide’)


Boole Library: see University College Cork

Irish Traditional Music Archive, Dublin:

In Petrie Manuscript folder 5: list of titles of Irish airs, sent to George Petrie by James Goodman [1850s] (Full list in TMP 2 p. xiv)

ITMA-Collins manuscripts of Pádraig O’Keeffe (books 1 fiddle, 2 fiddle, 3 accordion & 4 miscellaneous pages fiddle) • POK 1, 2, 3, 4

Curtin manuscript, Slieve Luachra [mid-19th century] • Curtin MS

National Folklore Collection, University College Dublin:

Fitzgerald MS (‘James Buckley, book 1’): photocopy of music manuscript of William Fitzgerald, fiddler, Gleannrie [Conrea?], Co Cork [Ballydesmond?, 1860s] • Fitzgerald MS

National Library of Ireland, Dublin:

Music MSS formerly owned by John O’Daly, now part of the George Noble Plunkett collection:

MS 3781 • gnp, O’D MS

MS 7348

O Casaide papers: MS 5454: copyings by Séamus Ó Casaide from manuscripts lent to him by An tAthair Maolmuire Ó Rónáin, March 1938: notes and letters of John O’Daly—including the letters to an unnamed correspondent, recognisably JG

Pádraig O’Neill music manuscripts, Owning, Co Kilkenny, 18th & 19th centuries: MSS 44,806 /2; 44,806 /3; 44,806 /5: • PON / 2, / 3, / 5

Patrick Weston Joyce manuscripts: (see also Electronic Sources above)

Joly MS 25 (collected chiefly in Co Limerick in 1856) • Early Joyce MS

Joyce’s final manuscripts, 1899–1912:

MS 2982 (tune [1], p. 1–tune 335, p. 127) • Final Joyce MSS          continued as

MS 2983 (tune 336, p. 128–tune 878, p. 293) • Final Joyce MSS 2

(Tunes no 336—355, 334–5 & perhaps more are copied from the Goodman collection)

Royal Irish Academy, Dublin:

William Forde collection: MS 24 0 19

James Hardiman music manuscript: MS 23 F 22 (from which Pigot copied some music)

Pigot, John Edward Pigot music manuscripts: MSS 24 0 20; 24 0 21 (paged continuously) • P, Pigot, JEP

Trinity College Dublin:

James Goodman manuscripts:

MSS 3194, 3195, 3196, 3197: four vols of tunes from oral tradition and from manuscript or printed sources (the basis of this edition)

MS 11320: miscellaneous theological writings etc, but also including song texts and verse on pages 20–24, 43–134 • Words, and incipits of 131 ‘piping tunes’ (pages 18–19, 24–31, 39–41) • Pipes

MS 11321: ‘Irish music of every description, collected and transcribed, from various sources, by James Goodman’ (fair copies of 54 tunes, all airs) • Tunes

University College Cork, Boole Library:

MS collection of Tadhg Ó Donnchadha (‘Torna’): LSS Thorna 155–56; MS 59 (T.lix)

MS 196: notebook from Goodman’s TCD college days, containing Irish lays, extracts from theological textbooks, family accounts, miscellaneous jottings and also material relating to his music collecting • UCC

University College Dublin: see National Folklore Collection


Capitalization and punctuation have been normalized. Asterisks indicate some availability from online electronic sources. ‘Port’ denotes ITMA’s interactive music scores.

100: see One hundred

150: see One hundred and fifty

300: see Three hundred

*[Aird, James, and continued after his death] A selection of Scotch, English, Irish, and foreign airs adapted for/to the fife, violin, or German flute, 6 vols:
:1, (bound with 2) Glasgow: James Aird [1782]; 2, Glasgow: Jas. Aird [1785]; selection ..... 3, (bound with 4) Glasgow: J. McFadyen [1788]; 4, Glasgow: J. McFadyen [c. 1796]; 5, (bound with 6) Glasgow: J. McFadyen [1797]; Aird’s 6th and last volume of ...., Glasgow: A. MacGown Junr [c. 1803] (*NLS pdfs) • Aird 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Albert, Charles L.N. d’, The bridal polka composed and dedicated to Monr. Bizet Michau, London: Chappell, n.d. (JM 3906) • Albert Bridal polka

Alburger, Mary Ann, Scottish fiddlers and their music, London: V. Gollancz, 1983

[Alday, P., ed.] Alday’s collection of country dances, Dublin: P. Alday [c. 1815] (NLI Add Mus 9492) • Alday 1815

—, Alday’s select collection of country dances, waltzes, quadrilles &c., Dublin: Paul Alday [c. 1818] (JM 5230) • Alday 1818

Alex Lee Away away: see Lee, Alexander

[Alexander, I., ed.] The flowers of the Emerald Isle, or two hundred favorite Irish melodies, London: I. Alexander [c. 1840?] (NLI Add Mus 10,779) • Alexander Flowers

—, A new series of Alexander’s scrap book, for the flute, violin, flageolet, etc., London: I. Alexander [c. 1845] (NLI Add Mus 10,777, vols 7 & 8) • Alexander’s scrap book new series

* [Alexander, J., ed.] Alexander’s new scrap book, containing one thousand favorite airs for the flute, violin or flageolet. In 6 vols. London: J. Alexander & Co. [c. 1850?] (at the end of vol. 6 ‘This work will be continued, until two thousand airs are completed’) (*ITMA, vol. 6, pdf & digital images) • Alexander’s new scrap book

[Alexander, John, ed.] The scrap book, for the flute, violin or Kent bugle, 6? vols of 6 nos each [London]: published for John Alexander at Sandford’s music warehouse [c.1820?] (NLI Add Mus 10,769, vols 1, 2 & 5) • Alexander’s scrap book

Amateurs companion, being a rare selection of Irish & Scotch melodies, The, Dublin: MacLean, at the Musical Commission Warehouse, 15 Essex Quay [1821?] • Amateurs companion

An Píobaire: see Píobaire

*Anderson’s budget of strathspeys, reels & country dances: for the German-flute or violin, vol. 1, 2nd ed., Edinburgh etc.: J. Anderson etc. [c. 1821] (*NLS pdf) • Anderson’s budget

Aria: see Urquahart

Ashman, Gordon, ed., The Ironbridge hornpipe: a Shropshire tune collection from John Moore’s manuscripts, Blyth (Northumberland): Dragonfly Music, 1991 • Ashman

BBJ : see Breathnach

B1, B2, B3 : see Bunting

Bilse, B., Sturm marsch galop, for the pianoforte, London: R. Addison, n.d. (JM 3881) Bilse Sturm

Bishop, Henry Rowley, & Edward Fitzball, The bloom is on the rye, London: Goulding & d’Almaine [c. 1830] • Bishop & Fitzball

Boss Murphy: see Moloney

Bowen, Desmond, The Protestant crusade in Ireland 1800–1870, Dublin: Gill & Macmillan, 1978 • Bowen 1978

Bradshaw, Harry, Nicholas Carolan & Jackie Small, eds, The Westmeath Hunt. William Mullaly: the first Irish concertina player on record, Dublin: Viva Voce & Irish Traditional Music Archive, 2011, booklet and Cd (VV-ITMA CD 101) • Mullaly

Brady, W. Maziere, Clerical and parochial records of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, 3 vols, Dublin: printed for the author by Alexander Thom, 1863–64 • Brady

Braham [John], The King, God bless him!, Dublin: Goulding & d’Almaine [c. 1828] (JM 246) • Braham The King

Breathnach, Breandán, ed., Ceol rince na hÉireann I, Baile Átha Cliath [Dublin]: Oifig an tSoláthair, 1963 • CRÉ 1

—, ed., —, II, Baile Átha Cliath: Oifig an tSoláthair, 1976 • CRÉ 2

—, ed., —, III, Baile Átha Cliath: An Gúm, 1985 • CRÉ 3

—, collector, & Jackie Small, ed., Ceol rince na hÉireann IV, V, Baile Átha Cliath: An Gúm, 1996, 1999 • CRÉ 4, 5

Breathnach, Breandán, ‘Piper Jackson’, IFMS 2 (1974–75) 41–57 • BBJ

—, ‘Séamus Goodman (1828–1896) bailitheoir ceoil’, Journal of the Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society 6 (1973) 152–71 • Breathnach 1973

—, ‘Máirseáil Alasdruim’, Ceol 3/2 (April 1968) 38–43 • Breathnach 1968

—, ‘Between the jigs and the reels’, Ceol 5/2 (March 1982) 43–48 [an explanation of his system of numerical coding] • Breathnach 1982

—, ‘The pipers of Kerry’, IFMS 4 (1985) 5–29 • Breathnach 1985

*[Bremner, Robert, ed.] A collection of Scots reels or country dances, London: Robert Bremner [1760s] (* IMSLP pdf) • Bremner Scots reels

*—, Thirty Scots songs for a voice and harpsichord, London: R. Bremner [1759] (*IMSLP pdf) • Bremner Thirty Scots songs

*British minstrel, and musical and literary miscellany, The, Glasgow: William Hamilton, n.d. (* IMSLP pdfs of vols 1–3) • Hamilton British Minstrel

[Browne, D., ed.] Browne’s collection of country dances (Browne’s dances no 5), Dublin: D. Browne, n.d. (JM 5236) • Browne CDs

Browne family MS: see VMP

*Bunting, Edward, ed., A general collection of the ancient Irish music, vol. 1 (no more published), London & Dublin: Preston & Power [1796] (* ITMA digital images and pdf & Port) • B1

*—, ed., A general collection of the ancient music of Ireland, vol. 1 (no more published), London: Clementi [1809] (* ITMA digital images & pdf & Port; *IMSLP pdf) • B2

*—, ed., The ancient music of Ireland arranged for the pianoforte, Dublin: Hodges & Smith, 1840 (*IMSLP pdf) • B3

Byrne, Jim, ‘Canon Goodman’, Journal of the Skibbereen and District Historical Society 1 (1985) 53–95 Byrne 1985

*Caledonian musical repository, The, Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd, Caledonian Press, 1811 [with additional illustrated title page (taken from the original 1806 edition?) —: ‘Crosby’s Caledonian musical repository, London: printed for B. Crosby & Co.’] (*Internet Archive pdf) • Crosby Caledonian

*Cameron’s selection of violin music: containing all the most popular airs, marches, strathspeys, reels, hornpipes, jigs, country dances, quicksteps, quadrilles, polkas, Glasgow: George Cameron, 1859 (*ITMA digital images & pdf) • Cameron

[Campbell, William, ed.] Campbell’s collection of new & favorite country dances & str. reels: London: Wm Campbell or R. Birchall, 1790–1817 (27 dance books with varied titles)

—, Campbell’s eighth collection of the newest & most favorite country dances and reels, London: Wm Campbell, n.d. • Campbell 8

—, Campbell’s 11th book of country dances and strathspey reels, London: Wm Campbell, n.d. • Campbell 11

Carlin, Richard, ed., The Gow collection of Scottish dance music, New York: Oak publications, 1986 • Carlin

Carlisle MS: see VMP

*Carolan, Nicholas, ‘More James Goodman music manuscripts’, An piobaire vol 4 no 45 (April 2008) 23–25 (*NPU pdf) Carolan 2008

—, ‘The Forde-Pigot collection of Irish traditional music’, in Treasures of the Royal Irish Academy Library, Bernadette Cunningham & Siobhán Fitzpatrick, eds; Petra Schnabel, picture ed., Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 2009: 257–67 • Carolan 2009

—, ‘An tUrramach James Goodman (1826–96), fear eaglasta, ceoltóir, agus bailitheoir ceoil’, in Foinn agus focail. Léachtaí Cholm Cille 40, Ruairí Ó hUiginn, ed., Maynooth: An Sagart, 2010: 7–19 • Carolan 2010

*—, ed., A collection of the most celebrated Irish tunes proper for the violin, German flute or hautboy, by John & William Neal, Dublin [1724], 2nd (enlarged) facsimile edition, Dublin: Irish Traditional Music Archive in association with the Folk Music Society of Ireland, 2010 (1st facsimile edition published Dublin: FMSI, 1986) (*ITMA Port) • Neal CIT

*—, ‘The Goodman phenomenon’, An Píobaire vol 13 no 1 (January 2017) 25–28 (*NPU pdf) Carolan 2017

Citizen: see also Dublin magazine, Dublin monthly magazine

Citizen; a monthly journal of politics, literature, and art, The, vol. 1, Nov 1839–May 1840; Dublin: Machen & Company, vol. 2, June–Dec 1840, Dublin: James Philip Doyle, 1840 (continued as The citizen; or Dublin monthly magazine. These two volumes do not contain any music scores.

*Citizen; or Dublin monthly magazine, The (continuation of The citizen; a monthly journal of politics, literature, and art ), vol. 3, Jan–June 1841, vol. 4, July–Dec 1841, Dublin: Samuel J. Machen, 1841 (continued as The Dublin monthly magazine. The two titles combined contained music supplements of 106 tunes called ‘The native music of Ireland’.) (*ITMA digital images) • Citizen

Clare MS: see VMP

*Clarke, William, MS music book (*Internet archive pdf) [Norfolk, mid-19th century] • Clarke MS

Clementi [Muzio], Clementi’s variations to The black joke for the piano-forte or harpsicord [sic], Dublin: Edmund Lee, n.d. (JM 4359, watermark 1794) • Clementi’s variations

*Clinton, John, ed., Gems of Ireland [London?, c. 1840] (*IMSLP pdf) • Clinton

*Colclough, S.T., New and complete instructions for the union pipes, Dublin: William Power [c. 1820?] • Colclough

Collection of Irish airs for the flute, violin or flageolet, arranged as duetts or solos, A, 2 vols of 6 numbers each, Dublin: E. McCullagh, n.d. [between 1820 & 1850] (JM 5419, cf JM 5420) [Thomas Moore’s melodies, without attribution to Moore] • McC

Colthurst, E., Innisfail or the Irish scripture reader, London: Nisbet, 1841 • Colthurst 1841

[Cooke, Bartlett, ed.] Cooke’s selection of the present favorite country dances for the year, Dublin: B. Cooke [1797] • Cooke 1797

—, Forty-eight Irish country dances, Dublin: B. Cooke [c. 1805] (JM 5252) • Cooke 48 Irish CDs

Cooke, T., Sweet Robin, a celebrated ballad, as sung at the Theatre Royal by Mrs. Cooke, Dublin: Goulding, n.d. (JM 3435, watermark 1810) • Cooke Sweet Robin

Corri, Domenico, A new & complete collection of the most favourite Scots songs, Edinburgh: Corri & Sutherland [c. 1783] (JM 1137) • Corri

Cowell, A, The blind man’s bride, ballad written by the Honble Mrs. Norton, and inscribed to The Honble Mrs. Leicester Stanhope, the music by Miss A. Cowell (NLI MS MU –vc­22 (11)) • Cowell

Cramer, J.B, Rousseau’s dream, an air with variations for the piano forte . . . , London: S. Chappell [1814] • Cramer

CRÉ: see Breathnach

Croker, Thomas Crofton, Researches in the south of Ireland, London: John Murray, 1824 • Croker Researches

Crosby Caledonian: see Caledonian musical repository

*Crosby’s Irish musical repository, London: B: Crosby & Co. [1808?] (*The Internet Archive pdf Crosby Irish

[Cross, Betty, et al., eds] Abbeystrewry a parish memoir: published for the centenary of the rebuilding of Abbeystrewry Church, Skibbereen, Co. Cork, Blarney: Forum Publications [1991] • Cross 1991

Curtin MS: see Electronic Resources, Irish Traditional Music Archive

d’Albert: see Albert

Dánta PF: see Ua Duinnín

Davidson 150 Scotch songs: see One hundred and fifty Scotch songs

*Davidson’s collection of Scottish melody, London: G.H. Davidson [1860] (*NLS pdf) • Davidson’s collection

Davidson’s instrumental gems, consisting of a choice collection of popular and standard airs, &c., no II, London: G.H. Davidson, n.d. (JM 4547) • Davidson’s instrumental gems

Davidson’s musical miracles: see One hundred and fifty Scotch songs

Davidson’s universal melodist, vol. 1 (of 2), London: G.H. Davidson, 1853 • Davidson’s universal melodist 1

De Brún, Pádraig, Clár lámhscríbhinní Gaeilge Choláiste Ollscoile Chorcaí: cnuasach Thorna, 2 vols, Dublin: Cló Bhreanainn, 1967 • De Brun 1967

De hÍde, Dubhghlas [Douglas Hyde], Mise agus an Connradh (go dtí 1905), Baile A?tha Cliath [Dublin]: Oifig an tSola?thair, 1937 • Hyde 1937

Densari, P.Y., arranger, Jullien’s “Olga”, or princess waltz, New York: S. Pearson, 1853 • Densari “Olga”

[Dibdin, Charles] The jolly young waterman, Dublin: Elizh. Rhames, n.d. • Dibdin

Dick, James C., ed., The songs of Robert Burns, London & New York: H. Frowde, 1903 • Dick

Dineen: see Ua Duinnín

*Donnelly, Seán, ‘Dublin pipemakers, the Coynes and Doogan’, An Píobaire vol 2 no 11 (October 1981) 2 (*NPU pdf) no 11 (October 1981) 2 • Donnelly 1981

, ‘An eighteenth-century minister and piper’, Ulster Folk Life 46 (2000) 9–23 • Donnelly 2000

*—, ‘Colonel Taylor’s reel’, An Píobaire vol 3 no 2 (March 1990) 12–15 (*NPU pdf) Donnelly 1990

DOS: see O’Sullivan, Donal

DubMag: see Dublin magazine.

*Dublin magazine. The (continuation of The Dublin monthly magazine), Jan–April 1843, Dublin: T. O’Gorman, 1843 (*ITMA digital images) • DubMag

*Dublin monthly magazine, The (continuation of The citizen), Jan–June 1842, July–Dec 1842, Dublin: Samuel J Machen, 1842. Continued as The Dublin magazine, Jan–April 1843 (*ITMA digital images) • DubMMag

DubMMag: see Dublin monthly magazine.

Dublin University magazine: a literary and political journal, The, 8 vols, Dublin: W. Curry, jun. & Co.; London: Simpkin, Marshall & Co.,1833–80 • Dublin University magazine

Duff, Archd, ed., Part first of A choice selection of minuets, favourite airs, hornpipes, waltzes etc., Edinburgh: Johnson & Anderson [1811–13] (JM 5714) • Duff C hoice selection

Duke of York’s new slow march, Dublin: Lee [c. 1805] (JM 4271) • Lee Duke of York’s

Dun, Finlay, ed., Vocal melodies of Scotland, Edinburgh: Patterson & Sons [1884?] • Dun VMS

Dunois, M., 9th set or Navarino quadrilles, containing the air in Mozart’s "Il Seraglio", London: Mori & Lavenu [1829] • Dunois

Duval of Dublin’s second collection of quadrilles... to which is added a new waltz by Sigr. Spagnoletti the much admired Stop waltz..., Dublin: I. Willis, n.d. (JM 5272). • Duval

*Edinburgh repository of music, containing the most select English, Scottish & Irish airs, vols 1–2 Edinburgh: J. Sutherland [1818–25] (NLI Add Mus 9003; *NLS pdf) Edin repos mus 1,2

*—, vol. 3, Edinburgh: J. Sutherland, n.d. (*NLS pdf, 3rd item) • Edin repos mus 3

Erionnach [pseudonym of George Sigerson], The poets and poetry of Munster, 2nd series, Dublin: John O’Daly, 1860 • PPM2

Ethiopian songs 108: see A selection of the most popular Ethiopian songs

Ethiopian songs 2nd series: see Second series

*[Fitzmaurice, Richard, ed.] Fitzmaurice’s new collection of Irish tunes. Adapted for the piano forte, union pipe, flute, & violin, no 2, no 3, no 5, Edinburgh: Printed by A. Rochead & Son [c. 1806–09?] • Fitzmaurice 2, 3, 5

Flowers of Irish melody: see Henderson

Flute player’s pocket companion: see Forrester

Forde, William, ed., R. Cocks & Co.’s 102 national country dances, published in ten separate sets, London: R. Cocks & Co. [1840s] (JM 5240–48) • Forde NCDs

—, ed., 300 national melodies of the British Isles. Vol. 1. 100 English & Welsh airs. Vol. 2. 100 Scotch airs. Vol. 3. 100 Irish airs, London: R. Cocks & Co. [1850s] • Forde 300 NM

*Forrester, George, The flute player’s pocket companion part 1 (of 3), Edinburgh: J. Sutherland [c. 1817] (*NLS pdf, 1st item) • Flute player’s pocket companion 1

Gale’s pocket companion: see Smith, R. A.

Ganter, Joseph, composer, The Cossack’s march, Philadelphia: George Willig, 1836 • Ganter Cossack’s march

Gems from the Emerald Isle: see Hughes

Geminiani , Francesco, New and compleat instructions for the violin, London: Longman & Broderip [c. 1790] • Geminiani

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